Pacific Gold Aviation Association

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Lincoln California

Monthly dues are $195. Hourly rates are member only, dry rates and include maintenance and engine reserves.

Learn to Fly with PGAA

Want to finish your private pilot training, or step up to advanced ratings or certificates? Consider doing it as a PGAA owner in your PGAA airplane.

Benefits to learning to fly at PGAA:

  • Fly confidently in the aircraft in which you trained

  • Room to grow - step up to instrument rating, high performance, complex, commercial, flight instructor, ATP

  • Hire your own CFI. Lower cost per hour and training overhead cost

Contact us to learn more and find out if PGAA is right for your flight training goals.


Own a Share

Become a PGAA member and experience the joy of shared airplane ownership without the hassle

How it Works
  • Become an owner by purchasing a PGAA share

  • Pay $195/month for insurance, tie downs and fixed costs

  • Use your own favorite CFI (or we can suggest one) to get checked-out in the airplanes or complete your training

  • Schedule time using our online scheduling system

  • Go fly where you want, when you want - it's that simple

Why join PGAA?
  • Easy access to great, well maintained airplanes, including a Piper Archer, a Cherokee 6 and a Mooney

  • Get your own keys – so you can fly when you want to

  • Reduce your cost of flying – so you can afford to fly where you want to go

  • Proven model – we’ve been around since 2002 and have an experienced management team

  • Solid investment – we have a strong balance sheet and maintain our aircraft to sustain their value

Email or call Christian Baldree - PGAA president - for further questions about owning a PGAA share


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