Pacific Gold Aviation Association

Flying Club | Fractional Ownership
Lincoln California

Monthly dues are $195. Hourly rates are member only, dry rates and include maintenance and engine reserves.

Own a Share

Become a PGAA member and experience the joy of shared airplane ownership without the hassle

How it Works
  • Become an owner by purchasing a PGAA share

  • Pay $195/month for insurance, tie downs and fixed costs

  • Use your own favorite CFI (or we can suggest one) to get checked-out in the airplanes or complete your training

  • Schedule time using our online scheduling system

  • Go fly where you want, when you want - it's that simple

Why join PGAA?
  • Easy access to great, well maintained airplanes, including a Piper Archer, a Cherokee 6 and a Mooney

  • Get your own keys – so you can fly when you want to

  • Reduce your cost of flying – so you can afford to fly where you want to go

  • Proven model – we’ve been around since 2002 and have an experienced management team

  • Solid investment – we have a strong balance sheet and maintain our aircraft to sustain their value

Email or call Christian Baldree - PGAA president - for further questions about owning a PGAA share


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