Meet our Mooney N6351Q

Acquired by PGAA in June 2016, our Mooney M20F is the fastest and most complex airplane in our fleet. The 200 hp, fuel injected engine turns a constant speed prop, and the gear is lifted by a bullet-proof Johnson bar. Among her many upgrades, M20F has the aerodynamic windscreen of her successor, the M20J. The panel sports a GNS430 IFR GPS. This airplane has been very well cared for, and it shows.

N6351Q (Mooney M20F) Specifications and Performance

Horsepower: 200

Gross Weight: 2740 lbs

Top Speed: 161 kts

Empty Weight: 1640 lbs

Cruise Speed: 156 kts

Fuel Capacity: 64 gal

Stall Speed (dirty): 54 kts

Range: 734 nm


Ground Roll: 879 ft

Ground Roll: 879 ft


Ground Roll 785 ft

Over 50 ft obstacle: 1786 ft

Rate Of Climb: 1055 fpm

Ceiling: 17900 ft

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