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Our Cherokee-6 with 2017 Paint and an Overhauled Engine

Updated: Oct 8, 2018

Our beautiful and versatile PA32-260 (Cherokee-6) is a great family traveling machine. Cruising around 130 KTAS, you can load the whole family and comfortably fly anywhere up and down the coast with range to spare. It is almost impossible to overload this bird, with an empty weight of just over 1,900 lbs, and a max gross weight of 3,400 lbs. N3739W got fresh paint and a major overhauled engine in 2017 and sports /G Garmin avionics, including a G5 electronic attitude indicator.

N3739W (Piper Cherokee-6 PA32-260 )

Horsepower: 260

Gross Weight: 3400 lbs

Top Speed: 142 kts

Empty Weight: 1801 lbs

Cruise Speed: 135 kts

Fuel Capacity: 84 gal

Stall Speed (dirty): 54 kts

Range: 960 nm

Ceiling: 14500 ft

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